Photographing Your Paintings

Dianne Mize * Note: ISO 100, Slow shutter speed, Flash off, White balance, Photo editing software:,, Bellevue Fine Art Repro  

Mom & I

I feel bad for neglecting this site.  I apologize to my visitors. In the midst of my hectic life, updating my painting blog has been pushed to the side. But, I haven’t stopped painting at all.  So, one of my…

Brother, Lost Bird, Let’s go home

projects my brother (finish & post by 8/24 for his b-day) let’s go home – finish within next week mom & me underwater diver train station — use retouch varnish fisherman —

Varnishing materials

[For retouch varnish] Spray damar retouch varnish   [For final varnish] Gamvar: Gamblin’s Easy-to-Use Picture Varnish for Oil Painters [Reference] Gamvar: Gamblin’s Easy-to-Use Picture Varnish for Oil Painters


[Retouch Varnish] Retouch varnish – intermediate varnish to restore gloss to dry oil paint for use when you want to continue working on or reworking areas of a dry painting.  It contains much more turpentine than a final varnish, so…

Priming a canvas

Acrylic gesso a polymer emulsion paint. dries quickly to form a strong hard ground that is resistant to moisture, thus eliminating the need for a preliminary application of sizing. impervious to the acidic action of oxidizing oil paint. apply 2-3…


Among about 20 oil paintings I’ve done so far, this is my favorite. As a novice painter, I struggled with the hand (Like Van Gogh ha ha) and also with the creases of the shepherd’s shirt. How do I express…